Tuesday, June 20, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed 21st June 2006

broadcast live on Resonance 104.4 fm - 5 til 7pm (UK time) - Wednesday 21st June 2006 - fm in London, streaming from www.resonancefm.com

a celebration and preview of the forthcoming (June 30 - July 1) Tapestry Goes West festival - Tapestry organisation head-honcho Barry Stillwell will be with us to talk about the upcoming event and play tracks by a number of the acts appearing. after 3 years at a wild west town in Cornwall the festival has moved to Wales and gone medieval - here comes the knight! the 'sHRiMP team will also be attending this years festival to record a couple of special shows for Resonance.

live in session we welcome Mystery Meat - formed from the ashes of their old bands by ex-Ikara Colt bassist Tracy Bellaries, Blood Valley front-man Alex Lindsay and ex-Beachbuggy drummer Adrian - described as a heavier Ikara Colt with scuzzy guitars and ear shattering drums, the Meat deal in rock of the messed-up, heavy, low slung variety. Mystery Meat are a tyrannical trio, they are nasty, sexy and f*cking loud.

another session guest is threatened.

Howard Aggregate is back with us - he warns - watch out for a guy
in a mauve pantsuit with matching slingbacks, so you have been

in (the Head's) bag today.... Our Brother The Native, Nitwood, Can, the Melvins, Impractical Cockpit, Boyracer, This Et Al, Deranged, David Jackson - time for some new stuff next week!

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Aido said...

Hey, thanks for the show and post-show pub shinannegins. We had a blast!!

x Mystery Meat