Tuesday, September 27, 2005

gLASSsHRIMP playlist 21st Sept

Hi ya'll,

Check out last week's playlist below. Another tightly packed show with special guests!
See you next week

gLASSsHRIMP 21/09/05

Big Black 454/ “Hull Is Full Of Grubby Slappers”. Taken from ‘Their Coats Flapped Like God’s Chops’ CD compilation. (Big Block 454 2005). Info:

** Chat with the Leafhound front man himself! Prior to his Borderline gig**

Leafhound/ “Sad Road To The Sea”

Leafhound/ “Too Many Rock N Roll Times

Sky Saxon/ “Alakazam”. Taken from ‘Transparency’ CD album. (Jungle Records/ People Records 2005). Info:

Jack Rose/ “Sunflower River Blues”. Taken from ‘Kensington Blues’ CD album. (Beautiful Happiness 2005). Info:

Dr. Ragtime/ “Buck Dancers Joyce”. 7” single. (The Sacred Harp Library 2005). Info: www.secondlayer.co.uk

Deerhoof/ “Spirit Ditties Of No Tone”. Taken from ‘The Runners Four’ CD album. (ATP Records 2005). Info:

Tom Verlaine/ “Ore”. Taken from ‘Warm And Cool’ CD album, reissue from 1992. (Thrill Jockey 2005). Info:

**Rupert Orton from ‘Not The Same Old Blues Crap’ introduces Dooley Wilson to the studio with a brief chat after his session, tracks listed below.**

1. Bundle Up And Go
2. Can’t Be Satisfied
3. When I Was Young
4. Baby Please Don’t Go

For more information on No The Same Old Blues Crap shows and Dooley Wilson visit:

Breathing Cage/ “Raise The Glass”. Taken from ‘South: A New Zealand Music Compilation’ CD comp. (Failsafe Records 2005). Info:

Gin Palace/ “Matter Of Life And Death”. Taken from demo promo 2005. Please visit
www.ginpalace.net for more info.

Pit Er Pat/ “Diamond Messages”. Taken from ‘3D Message’ CD single. (Thrill Jockey 2005). Info:

Friday, September 16, 2005

gLASSsHRIMP radio playlist for 14th Sept

Hello all!

It seems this week's great show was packed tighter than a tin of sardines, phew!

Here is the playlist..albeit slightly late.

Deerhoof/ “Green Cosmos.” Taken from ‘Green Cosmos E.P’ CD. (ATP Records 2005). Info: www.alltomorrowsparties.co.uk

Big Block 454/ “Eggbound”. Taken from ‘Their Coats Flapped Like God’s Chops’ CD compilation. (Big Block 454 2005). Info: www.soundclick.com/bigblock454

Ciadeo En Seres/ “No”. Taken from ‘Asilo de heteronomos’ CD album. (Mandolin Records 2005). Info: www.mandolinrec.co.uk

Sand Snow Man/ “Light, Space and Shadow”. Taken from ‘Inner Space Age’ CD album. (Mandolin Records 2005). Info: www.mandolinrec.co.uk

Alexander Tucker/ “Sung Into Your Brightening Skull”. Taken from ‘Old Fog’ CD album. (ATP Records 2005). Info: www.alltomorrowsparties.co.uk

Mike Tamburo/ “My Time Machine Moves Slower With You”. Taken from ‘Beating of the Rewound Son’ CD album. (Music Fellowship 2005). Info: www.miketamburo.com

Econoline Session // PART 1
2.Go Team

Info: www.econoline/theband.blogspot.com

Elephant Micah/ “Light Pollution Blues”. Taken from ‘E.M & The Agrarian Malaise’ CDR Release. (Time-lag Records 2005). Info: elephantmicah@hotmail.com

Econoline Session // PART 2

Info: www.econoline/theband.blogspot.com

Snowblood/ “Out Of Harm’s Way”. Taken from ‘Being And Becoming’ CD album. (Lawgiver Records/ Superfi Records 2005). Info: www.superfirecords.co.uk, www.lawgiverrecords.co.uk

Songs Of Green Pheasant/ Title track taken from ‘Songs of Green Pheasant’ CD . (Fat Cat 2005). Info: www.fat-cat.co.uk

Silver Jews/ “Punks In Light Blue”. Taken from ‘Tanglewood Numbers’ CD album. (Drag City 2005) Info: www.silver-jews.net

**Interview with Rupert Orton, promoter of ‘Not The Same Old Blues Crap’**

Chat included a brief clip of Rupert’s interview with ‘The Immortal Lee Country Killers’ and a rare Pussy Galore track.

For more information about ‘Not The Same Blues Old Crap’ gig nights and other ventures please log in to www.punkrockblues.co.uk

Any errors please excuse or get in touch to correct!

See you next week

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

gLASSsHRiMP radio: wed September 14, 2005

this weeks show... as ever on Resonance104.4FM (central London, UK), 5-6.30pm, Wed Sept 14, 2005 - also streaming from Resonance site

our live guests this week are a new streamlined Econoline - now a 2-piece - sounds like it's going to be a much more stripped down thing than the Econoline of old with Piers and Ian playing all sorts of things.

we also welcome Rupert Orton from punkrockblues.co.uk/Not the Same Old Blues Crap to present a pre-recorded interview with the Immortal Lee County Killers who are in town for a show tomorrow (15/9) at the Spitz. check Rupert site for info.

not much bag info today - but it will have in it the new Snowblood CD, more Failsafe cdrs from NZ, the Davenport Family (5x 3") box set, new releases on Mandolin Records and much more....

the recently returned Howard Aggregate will be back with us again - an unexpected literary treat is assured.

presented this week by Chin Keeler, Kev Head and Roxanne Stephen - maybe Charlene Katuwawala and Howard Monk as well.

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist* Sept 7th 2005

*near complete playlist of this show... bit thin on full source/contact info...

thank you to our guests, Dr Dog who were featured in an acoustic live session & interview and Catweezel who came in to talk about the late R L Burnside, plays some records and a live tune.

here's what we played...

the Gordons "Machine Song" (from 'Accident Comp' - Failsafe Records, NZ)
Substandard "Global Research Systems" (from 'Keepin' Secrets' comp - Failsafe Records, NZ)
RL Burnside "Come On In"
The Immortal Lee County Killers "Revolution Summer"
RL Burnside "Walkin' Blues"
RL Burnside "Shake 'Em On Down"
The Fall "Clasp Hands" (new single)
Hey Colossus "Raise the Red Flag" (live) (from self-released live cdr)
Econoline "A County Claimed Me" (from CDr-EP - self released?)
Elephant Micah "Dream Feedback"
Dr Dog "The World May Never Know" (forthcoming single, Rough Trade)
Alexander Tucker "Patron Saint of Troubled Men"
Pit-a-Pat "Bird"

this show was brought to you by Chin Keeler, Kev Head, Howard Monk, Howard Aggregate, Shona Davidson and Charlene Katuwawala

finally.... an update

apologies to recent visitors who have found nothing new - this should be the first of regular postings about gLASSsHRiMP radio and club activities - do come back soon!