Monday, June 12, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist 7th June 2006

Extra Golden - "Ilando Gima Onge" from 'OK-Oyot System' (Thrill Jockey, 2006)

Keith Fullerton Whitman - "Track 4 (2waysuperimposed)" - (Australian) tour cd (Room40, 2006)

Carla Bozulich live session
track and band detail tbc

Blood On The Wall - "Heat From The Day" from 'Awsomer' (FatCat, 2006)

Our Brother The Native - "Strigiformes" from (FatCat, 2006)

Carla Bozulich interview

Anni Rossi - "Venice" from 'Scandia' (Folktale, 2006?)

Slayer - "Angel of Death" from lp/cd 'Reign In Blood' (Def Jam, 1986)

Sexton Ming interview/reading
1. Intelligence
2. I Love Your Gullet

Sexton Ming with Justin Travis - "Put My Baby To Bed" (improvised song)

Sexton Ming and Adrian Stout - "Jamie's Torch" from 'A Taste of Wood' (Crapping Clown, 2006)

Sexton Ming info:

Justin Travis (Nosigar) live session
1. /Johnny Cash
2. n/k

contact: via gLASSsHRiMP

Mathew Bayot - "Carousel" from split 10" with Dave Cloud (Fire, 2006)

presented by Shona Davidson, Kev Head and Chin Keeler

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