Tuesday, January 31, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed 1st Feb 2006

after last weeks live extravaganza we calm things down a little with only 2 live acts this week...

we welcome something of a debut from the mighty Giant Paw - a so far studio only project with members based in london, prague & bodmin - the filth and the furry!
info(?) at: www.giantpaw.co.uk

also a welcome back to MTK - trio (Tom Tlalim, Matt Wright and Keir Neuringer) based in the Hague - improv with loops and breakbeats, their last 'sHRiMP session was pretty special so this should be a treat!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist 25th Jan 2006

super700 - "turned to loud" from cd-ep 'When Hare And Fox Had Fun' (Cutting Edge Recordings, 2005)

**Quack Quack** session
1. cut me some slacks
2. you've won a prize!

Archie Bronson Outfit - "Dark For My Sweetheart" forthcoming single (Domino, 2006)
www.dominorecordco.com www.archiebronsonoutfit.co.uk

Quack Quack session contd.
3. mars
quack quack info at www.runofthemillrecords.co.uk

quack quack session photo by Sophie from Run Of The Mill Records - ta!

Envelopes - "Free Jazz" forthcoming single (Brille, 2006)
www.envelopes.se www.myspace.com/envelopes

**Alun Tan Lan** session

Poppies - "Dau Bys" from cd-single (ciwdod/complete control, 2005)
www.poppies.tv www.completecontrolmusic.com

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - "Alisa" from cd/lp 'House Arrest' (Paw Tracks, 2006)
www.arielpink.com www.paw-tracks.com

Errors - "Mr Milk" from forthcoming cd-ep 'How Clean Is Your Acid House?' (RockAction, 2006)

Sons and Daughters - "Johnny Cash" from the album ‘Love The Cup’ (Ba Da Bing!, 2003)www.sonsanddaughtersloveyou.com

Wiseacre - "Don't Stop" from untitled v/a cd (Manna Records mna002, 2004)

Hoofus - "fm" from forthcoming split 7" w/Rory McVicar (howlbackhum, 2006)

**Castanets/Jana Hunter** dbl session
Jana Hunter

Castanets (Ray Raposa + Jana Hunter)
castanets info:
jana hunter info: www.janahunter.tk www.myspace.com/janahunter

all session track titles tbc – try again later!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed 25th Jan 2006

5pm til 6.30pm (London time) - as ever broadcast live on Resonance 104.4FM in central London and streaming from www.resonancefm.com

a live music feast this week with 3/4 live acts in the studio - Castanets / Jana Hunter - Raymond Raposa (guitar, electronics, and vocals) brings his epic and inspiring avant country songs and will be accompanied by Jana Hunter (no beard) on bass and vocals. Jana Hunter's songs, her haunting voice & unique guitar style make her recently released gloriously lo-fi debut 'Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom' a very special record indeed, it's the first record to be released by Gnomonsong, a record label founded and run by Devendra Banhart and Vetiver’s Andy Cabic. www.janahunter.tk www.myspace.com/janahunter www.asthmatickitty.com

also in and kicking off the show are Leeds based trio Quack Quack who make rather beautiful minimal rock music, sometimes droney, often rhythmic - in town for a show at the Brixton Windmill (25/1) supportes by the also splendid Kyote. Quack Quack have a cd-ep out on Run of the Mill records and a 7" coming soon. www.runofthemillrecords.co.uk

we also welcome back Alun Tan Lan, he was in a while back as an accompianist to Euros Childs, he's back with some of his own fine songs (perhaps) from his rather lovely 'Y Distawrwydd' CD - also in London for a show at the Barfly (25/1) with the Poppies. www.aluntanlan.com

bag contents unimportant as we'll play very little with all that live music on - in there is the Warmer Milks, the Poppies, Super700, Majessic Dreams, Ariel Pink - so expect a couple of those.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist 18/1/2006

Woe Colossus - "In a silent way" from the 'Woe Colossus' joint 12" (State of Distress)
Woe Colossus is Hey Colossus + Woe
www.heycolossus.com www.stateofdistress.com

The Weird Weeds - "Paratrooper Seed" taken from CD album 'Hold Me' (Digital Industries, 2006).

Ennio Morricone - 2 tracks (titles tbc) taken from CD album 'Crime And Dissonance'. (Ipecac 2006).
Info: www.southern.net

**Gregg Weiss session**
1.Freely Your Man?
2.Happy Man

Josephine Foster - "Bearded Beau" from Australian tour 7" (Art School Dropout, 2005)


Oskar - "The Soft Talker". Taken from 4 track E.P
available to download on: www.oskaronline.com

**Sanso Xtro session**
1. Frangipani Gardens
2. And Then Return To Zero
3. Like White Fire
4. Misplaced Feather
5. Zlumber...Talk In My Sleep
6. The Last Leaf

Monday, January 16, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed Jan 18th 2006

5pm til 6.30pm (London time) - as ever broadcast live on Resonance 104.4FM in central London and streaming from www.resonancefm.com

2 live sessions again this week, first up we welcome folk/bluegrass artist Gregg Weiss - originally from NY, a regular on the east village
songwriting (antifolk) scene and playing guitar for the likes of Jeff Lewis
and Dufus. since 2000 Gregg has been travelling the road gypsy style.
also live in the studio we have Sanso-Xtro, the extraordinary project of Melissa Agate from Adelaide, Australia but currently based in London. her album 'Sentimentalist' (Type, 2005) is a unique and very rhythmic work of acoustic and electronic sounds taking in a range of styles, from avant-jazz to experimental analog electronica. for live performance (and this session) Melissa is assisted by Enrico Glerean and Nik Tafra.
www.sanso-xtro.com www.sanso-xtro.blogspot.com www.myspace.com/sansoxtro

still in the bag - Woe Colossus, the Warmer Milks, Sunburned Hand of the Man (cdrs), Josephine Foster (fab aussie tour 7"), Drekka, the Weird Weeds and some new things as well, though with 2 live sessions again not enough will get played.

good chance of a full-house of 'sHRiMP presenters this week - Kev Head, Charlene Katuwawala, Shona Davidson, Roxanne Stephen, Chin Keeler and hopefully Neil Kleiner and Howard Monk as well.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist 11th January 2006

Green On Red - "Black River" from LP 'Gas Food Lodging' (Zippo, 1985)
info: greenonred.net

UpCDownCLeftCRightCABC+Start - "New Year" from CD 'And The Battle Is Won' (Tap n Tin, 2005)

info: www.upcdownc.com

Francis Plagne - "The Ballad of the Snail" from CD 'Idle Bones' (Synaesthesia, 2005)

The Television Personalites - "All The Young Children on Crack" single (Domino, 2006)

Radio Luxembourg - "Pwer Y Fflwer" CD single (Ciwdod/ Complete Control Music, 2005)

Cannonball Jane - "Hey Hey Alright" from 'Street Vernacular' CD album. (Fortuna Pop, 2006)

the Nightingales - "Workshy Wunderkind" 7" single (Big Print, 2004)

*the Nightingales session and interview with Robert Lloyd*
1. How To Age
2. Born Again In Birmingham
3. 100 Lines
4. Crafty Fag

Theoretical Girl - "Red Mist" (Demo).

Napoleon III live session
track details to follow

Sanso-Xtro - "Blue Signal" from LP/CD 'Sentimentalist' (Type, 2005)

Monday, January 09, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed Jan 11th 2006

sorry for lack of announcement of last weeks guests... it all came together at the last minute but thanks to Nikki Sudden and Darrell Bath who came in and did a splendid live session for us - and to Mandy Braden who came in to talk about her dance performance at the Place this week and brought live dance to the 'sHRiMP show for the first time!

this weeks show features 2 sessions and interviews... we welcome Leeds artist Napoleon III - bringing his mad experi-mental 1-man band-ness back to the show - "a mad melting pot of Super Furries fighting with Aphex Twin and The Residents at a musical car boot sale"

also we will be welcoming Prefect/Nightingale and solo artist Robert Lloyd in to the studio for a chat and he will be bringing an exclusive session by the Nightingales with him. The Nightingales reformed in 2004 and produced 4 7"s on their own label Big Print (soon to be compiled on CD); also forthcoming is a new mini album. late 2005 also saw the CD re-issue of their classic 2nd and 3rd albums. the band will be in London for 2 shows this coming weekend; Friday night at the Spitz and on Saturday at a Guided Missile night at the Buffalo Bar.

too early to consider what's in the bag... but it could include Woe Colossus, Francis Plagne, the Warmer Milks, Sunburned Hand of the Man (cdr releases), Josephine Foster (fab aussie tour 7"), Drekka, the Weird Weeds, Radio Luxembourg, UpCDownC and a whole heap more - be surprised!

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist 4th Jan 2006

Dawn Smithson – “Safer Here” from CD ‘Safer Here’ (Kranky, 2005)
Pit er Pat – “uh-oh” from LP/CD ‘Shakey’ (Thrill Jockey, 2005)
www.piterpat.com / www.thrilljockey.com
The Suicidal Birds – “Me Animal” from ‘Z-List’ CD (Transformed Dreams, 2005)
www.suicidalbirds.com / www.transformeddreams.com
Space Siren – “Verschwende deine jugend” from 7” (Transformed Dreams, 2005)
Hotplate – “The Dance of DJ Hotplate” (gLASSsHRiMP session 19/10/2005)
contact: ichambers@triangletelevision.co.uk

Euros Childs – “Her Ways” (gLASSsHRiMP session 23/11/2005)

Nikki Sudden (with Darrell Bath) live session & interview
1. “Pretty Little Pretty”
2. “Green Shield Stamps”

Epic Soundtracks – “I Do Declare” from ‘Good Things’ CD (DBK Works, 2005)
3. “Good Times” lead vocal – Darrell Bath
4. “Hanoi Jane”

Nikki Sudden – “House of Cards” from ‘Treasure Island’ CD/2LP (Rockwood, 2005)
Info and CDs/records available from www.nikkisudden.com

Tristan Burfield – “unknown piece”
info at:
Chrome Hoof - “Crunching Down on the Skull of a Newt” (gLASSsHRiMP session 20/7/2005)
info at:

Mandy Braden (from Spin dance company) interview
about performance of ‘Glitch’ at The Place on Jan 11th 2006

Thrones - “Suckling” from ‘Day Late, Dollar Short’ CD (Southern Lord, 2005)
www.southernlord.com/lord1.htm / www.southern.net/southern/band/THRON/biog.php
The Poppies - “Dau Bys” from cd-single (Ciwdod/Complete Control, 2005)
www.poppies.tv / www.completecontrolmusic.org
session tracks played on this show and the previous show were some of the 'sHRiMP teams picks from 2005.
show presented by Shona Davidson, Kev Head and Chin Keeler