Monday, June 12, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed 14th June 2006

broadcast live on Resonance 104.4 fm - 5 til 7pm (UK time) - Wednesday 14th June 2006 - fm in London, streaming from

once again a triple session experience in our 2hr show....

a live session from Monkey, Don't! - the sole work of Mark Robson, an amalgamation of various sounds and ideas, mixing sweet pop with quirky lyrics, off kilter guitar licks and classic stabs of synth. With heavy influence from US early nineties indie from the likes of Yo La Tango, Pavement and Sebadoh, plus a love of Americana and country amongst other things. Monkey, Don't! will be releasing his debut LP "Gubbins" on Manna Records in September. Live action July 1st at the EP Lounge in Farringdon, with DJing from Hot Chip, Pedro, Oscilx, Imeus and Radiator Boy.

live session and chat from rock & roll renaissance man Sid Griffin, ringleader of both "country & eastern" band Western Electric and acoustic bluegrass band the Coal Porters, proud author of the new book Bluegrass Guitar: Know The Players, Know The Music, THE acknowledged expert on the musical career of Gram Parsons, an acoustic troubadour performer of note and a much published freelance writer, Sid is also the chef with the second best banana walnut pancakes in Britain, an out-of-work radio DJ and a vastly experienced record producer. He founded alt-country Godfathers the Long Ryders. A documentary scriptwriter for BBC Radio Two Sid Griffin has written a documentary on Gram Parsons (Fallen Angel, 2004) and is gearing up for scripts on the Carter Family and the History of Southern Country Music. His next book is on Dylan's Basement Tapes and he is currently conducting interviews for it. Sid plays solo Thurs 15th at Green Note (106 Parkway, Camden Town, London) with support from Alan Tyler.

also a specially recorded exclusive 3-track session from Ariel Pink - to coincide with his recent successful visit to the UK Ariel recorded 6 tracks specially for ResonanceFM; 3 will be broadcast 13/6 on Ben Thompson's 'The London Ear', the other 3 will be aired on this weeks 'sHRiMP - we will undoubtable play the first 3 later in the year.

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