Wednesday, March 15, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed 15th March 2006

Resonance104.4FM, 5 - 6.30pm, - FM in London, streaming from

live music from Cormac Heron - following a number of years in bands Derry born, London based Cormac has developed a unique solo act involving much solo banjo madness and stilt walking – following the success of his christmas extravaganza, 'Welcome To The Paul Gadd Institute of Child Psychology - The Nativity Rock Opera', he appears this Friday at the 12 Bar club (Denmark Street) with a specially conceived show 'With or Without You, I Cannot Live With or Without You', a guitar/banjo/accordion one-man set with cut-up U2 tracks as backing – a performance that will bring the old and the new Irelands together in a love story mixed up in religion, drugs, sexual immaturity and prostitution. Cormac will be giving us a sample of what Friday might bring and maybe some of his ‘normal’ show as well.

we also welcome Manna records head-honcho Anthony Peters – we will be having a chat about and hearing from acoustic/electronica/hip hop/indie delights from artists such as Imeus, The Nag's Head, Monkey' Don't! and The Imaginary Friends – the new Nag’s Head is called ‘Welcome to the Meat Raffle’, had to explain yesterday why I found that funny, isn’t everyone familiar with the great British tradition of a pub meat raffle? or is it an east London thing?

in the bag - Ahleuchatistas, Smokers Die Younger, a.P.A.t.T., Create (!), Princess One Point Five, Velcro, Ariel Pink, Ivor Cutler, the Prefects, Children Running from the Village & Terry Edwards

presented this week by Shona Davidson, Kev Head, Charlene Katuwawala and Chin Keeler

we are repeated on Monday mornings - 8am (til 9.30) on Resonance

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