Wednesday, March 15, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist Wed 8th March 2006

Deptford Beach Babes - "Eine Kleine Surfmusik" from cdr 'Hawaii SE-8' (Rim, 2006)

a.P.A.t.T - "the man returns from the hereafter with a future flower" from cd '[L.P.]' (aPehAt recordings, 2004)

Ant session and interview
1. When Your Heart Breaks Into Many Little Pieces
2. In Your Dreams
3. Haven't You Got Anywhere Left You Can Run To
4. Up Sticks And Go
Ant is Anthony Harding


Terry Edwards – “Container Drivers” from Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats cd '681 at the Southbank + Plays, salutes & executes' (Sartorial, 2006)

Majessic Dreams - "Have To Go" from cd 'Majessic Dreams' (Oscillatone, 2005)

Darren Hayman session and interview
1. Perfect Homes

2. Everything's Wrong All The Time
3. Caravan Song
4. Porn Shoes

Hefner - "A Better Friend" (original single version)
Hefner – “Don't Flake Out On Me"
both from cd 'the best of Hefner' (Fortune & Glory, 2006)

Ivor Cutler – “I Believe In Bugs” from LP 'Dandruff' (Virgin, 1974)
Ivor Cutler (1923-2006),,1725211,00.html

presented by Kev Head and Shona Davidson with Roxanne Stephen

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