Monday, January 16, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed Jan 18th 2006

5pm til 6.30pm (London time) - as ever broadcast live on Resonance 104.4FM in central London and streaming from

2 live sessions again this week, first up we welcome folk/bluegrass artist Gregg Weiss - originally from NY, a regular on the east village
songwriting (antifolk) scene and playing guitar for the likes of Jeff Lewis
and Dufus. since 2000 Gregg has been travelling the road gypsy style.
also live in the studio we have Sanso-Xtro, the extraordinary project of Melissa Agate from Adelaide, Australia but currently based in London. her album 'Sentimentalist' (Type, 2005) is a unique and very rhythmic work of acoustic and electronic sounds taking in a range of styles, from avant-jazz to experimental analog electronica. for live performance (and this session) Melissa is assisted by Enrico Glerean and Nik Tafra.

still in the bag - Woe Colossus, the Warmer Milks, Sunburned Hand of the Man (cdrs), Josephine Foster (fab aussie tour 7"), Drekka, the Weird Weeds and some new things as well, though with 2 live sessions again not enough will get played.

good chance of a full-house of 'sHRiMP presenters this week - Kev Head, Charlene Katuwawala, Shona Davidson, Roxanne Stephen, Chin Keeler and hopefully Neil Kleiner and Howard Monk as well.

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