Monday, January 09, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist 4th Jan 2006

Dawn Smithson – “Safer Here” from CD ‘Safer Here’ (Kranky, 2005)
Pit er Pat – “uh-oh” from LP/CD ‘Shakey’ (Thrill Jockey, 2005)
info: /
The Suicidal Birds – “Me Animal” from ‘Z-List’ CD (Transformed Dreams, 2005)
info: /
Space Siren – “Verschwende deine jugend” from 7” (Transformed Dreams, 2005)
Hotplate – “The Dance of DJ Hotplate” (gLASSsHRiMP session 19/10/2005)

Euros Childs – “Her Ways” (gLASSsHRiMP session 23/11/2005)

Nikki Sudden (with Darrell Bath) live session & interview
1. “Pretty Little Pretty”
2. “Green Shield Stamps”

Epic Soundtracks – “I Do Declare” from ‘Good Things’ CD (DBK Works, 2005)
3. “Good Times” lead vocal – Darrell Bath
4. “Hanoi Jane”

Nikki Sudden – “House of Cards” from ‘Treasure Island’ CD/2LP (Rockwood, 2005)
Info and CDs/records available from

Tristan Burfield – “unknown piece”
info at:
Chrome Hoof - “Crunching Down on the Skull of a Newt” (gLASSsHRiMP session 20/7/2005)
info at:

Mandy Braden (from Spin dance company) interview
about performance of ‘Glitch’ at The Place on Jan 11th 2006

Thrones - “Suckling” from ‘Day Late, Dollar Short’ CD (Southern Lord, 2005)
info: /
The Poppies - “Dau Bys” from cd-single (Ciwdod/Complete Control, 2005)
info: /
session tracks played on this show and the previous show were some of the 'sHRiMP teams picks from 2005.
show presented by Shona Davidson, Kev Head and Chin Keeler


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