Monday, January 09, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed Jan 11th 2006

sorry for lack of announcement of last weeks guests... it all came together at the last minute but thanks to Nikki Sudden and Darrell Bath who came in and did a splendid live session for us - and to Mandy Braden who came in to talk about her dance performance at the Place this week and brought live dance to the 'sHRiMP show for the first time!

this weeks show features 2 sessions and interviews... we welcome Leeds artist Napoleon III - bringing his mad experi-mental 1-man band-ness back to the show - "a mad melting pot of Super Furries fighting with Aphex Twin and The Residents at a musical car boot sale"

also we will be welcoming Prefect/Nightingale and solo artist Robert Lloyd in to the studio for a chat and he will be bringing an exclusive session by the Nightingales with him. The Nightingales reformed in 2004 and produced 4 7"s on their own label Big Print (soon to be compiled on CD); also forthcoming is a new mini album. late 2005 also saw the CD re-issue of their classic 2nd and 3rd albums. the band will be in London for 2 shows this coming weekend; Friday night at the Spitz and on Saturday at a Guided Missile night at the Buffalo Bar.

too early to consider what's in the bag... but it could include Woe Colossus, Francis Plagne, the Warmer Milks, Sunburned Hand of the Man (cdr releases), Josephine Foster (fab aussie tour 7"), Drekka, the Weird Weeds, Radio Luxembourg, UpCDownC and a whole heap more - be surprised!

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