Wednesday, February 22, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed 22nd Feb 2006

5pm til 6.30pm (London time) - as ever broadcast live on Resonance 104.4FM in central London and streaming from

live in the studio for a session we have south London R'n'D (rhythm and dada) combo the Archie Bronson Outfit - just about to release their second album 'Derdang Derdang' on Domino written and recorded in London and Nashville - for fans of Pere Ubu, the Gun Club, Son House, Faust and 60s psych.

we also have a major interview guest in artist/musician/soundartist Jem Finer - a founder member of the Pogues, Jem has moved on to the world of sound art in recent years - notable works include Longplayer which plays changing music for 1000years (to be found in the Lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf here in London) and his work as artist in residence at Oxford University Astrophysics Department. he has also recently been awarded the very first PRS New Music Award of £50,000 for the realisation of his Score for A Hole In The Ground, a post-digital work that relies purely on the planet and its weather systems to generate music. he also has a song-based music project with as DM Bob and Country Jem with fellow painter and musician Deutschmeister Bob Tooke. Jem will be talking about his projects and playing some sound recordings/pieces from them. loads of info at...

we are also very pleased to welcome back Howard Aggregate - what spoken delights he has for us is anyones guess - don't miss him as it may be a while before he's back again!

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