Thursday, February 09, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist 8th Feb 2006

Panda Bear - "Comfy In Nautica" from 7"/cds (UUAR, 2006)

Lords - "I Shook The Royal Throne" from 4-way split 10" with Hey Colossus/Part Chimp/Todd (Southern/Rock Action/Jonson Family/Gringo, 2006)

Television Personalities "She Can Stop Traffic" from cd ‘My Dark Places’ (Domino, 2006)everything you could want via

Why? - "Dumb Hummer" from 'Rubber Traits' cd-ep/7” (Anticon, 2006)

**The Suicidal Birds live session**
1. BrandNew
2. Socialcrap
3. Summerset Song
4. Me Animal
for more info please go to:

Celebration - "War" from cd 'Celebration' (4AD, 2006)

Na - "I Love Lucy" from cdr 'B-sides' (SocketsCDR, 2005)

unknown track from 'Ghana Pop Hits, 2005’ (info later)

interview with Marcel Hermans from Transformed Dreams – info on all following Transformed Dreams artists and records at

The Glue Men - "Boiling Desires" from 'Shanghaied' cd (Transformed Dreams, 1998)

The Ex - "Listen to the Painters" from 2cd 'Turn' (Ex Records, 2004)

Zoppo - “Ex-Boy Genius” from forthcoming album ‘Don’t Trust Scarred Survivors’ (Transformed Dreams, 2006)

The Suicidal Birds - "Puke Song" from 'Z' cd (Transformed Dreams, 2005)

Persil - "Happy" from cd-ep ‘Tune-Up’ (Transformed Dreams, 2005)

Shimmy Rivers and And Canal - "Dust Cover" from s/t 3" cd-ep (Alcohol, 2005)


The Dicksonian Institute said...
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The Dicksonian Institute said...

Great to see photographs of the sessions up! I hope this continues.
Perhaps this could expand into quicktime video-clips on the site, if anyone has a cam handy.

kev d'ead said...

thanks as ever for your feedback - yes we are thinking about video clips as well - also still working on podcasts of sessions - cheers