Thursday, November 24, 2005

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist 23 Nov 2005

American Analog Set- "Play Hurt". Taken from 'Set Free' LP. (Morr Music 2005). Info:

Billy Mahonie- "Whistling Sam". Taken from 'Found' CD album. (Oof! Records 2005). Info:

I'm Being Good
- "Hell Is Small". Taken from 'Family Snaps' CD album. (Jonson Famiily 2005). Info:

Mahogany Brain- "Spectroscope" and "Perilous Seas". Both tracks taken from 'Some Cocktail Suggestions' LP. (Fractal Records 2005). Info:

- "Flaming Telepaths". Taken from 'The Weed Tree' CD album. (Locust Music 2005). Info:

***Euros Childs session*** with Alun Tan Lan
1. My Country Girl
other titles coming soon – info at

The Bats - "Horizon". Taken from 'At The National Grid' CD album. (Little Teddy Recordings/ Egg Records 2005) [NZ release on Flying Nun records]available in the UK from (email:-

Ao Takamasa/ Tujikko Noriko- "Doki Doki Last Night". Taken from '28'. (Fat Cat Records 2005). Info:

Project Dark/Sexton Ming- "Mean Cop". Taken from 'A Lifetime Of Nervous Gutaches Volume 2: Rare Recordings 1979-2005'. (Rim Records 2005). Info:

The USA Is A Monster
- "The Hobokon". Taken from 'Wohaw' LP. (Load Records 2005). Info:

Allerjen- "The Courage Will Find You". Taken from the E.P 'Resurrection'. Info:

My Cat Is An Alien- "Plutonian Flames - Part Two" (part). Taken from 'Plutonian Flames' 2xCDR release. (Opax Records 2005). Info:

***Jake Vegas session***

1.The Rattlesnake
2.Loud Black Hair
3.Willie The Pimp

Euros Childs
- "Donkey Island" forthcoming single (Wichita 2005)

show presented by Kev Head, Charlene Katuwawala & Shona Davidson. thanks to Joe Thompson.

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