Wednesday, November 09, 2005

gLASSsHRiMP playlist 2nd Nov 2005

American Analog Set ‘Magnificent Seventies’ from “From Our Living Room to Yours” LP (Trance Syndicate/Emperor Jones, 1997)

Sun Kil Moon ‘Neverending Math Equation’ from “Tiny Cities” CD (Rough Trade)

Giardini di Mirò ‘Blood Red Bird’ from “North Atlantic Treaty of Love, pt 1” 12” EP (2nd Recs)

Lightning Bolt ‘Magic Mountain’ from “Hypermagic Mountain” 2LP (Load)

Fursaxa ‘Poppy Opera’ from “Lepidoptera” CD (ATP Recordings)

Panda Bear ‘Ossie’ (part) from “Coconuts” CD-EP (re-issue of cdr, 2002) (Psych-o-Path)

Chris T-T ‘A Plague On Both Your Houses’ from “9 Red Songs” CD (Snowstorm)

Sexton Ming ‘Girls Eat Worms’ from “A Lifetime of Nervous Gutaches, vol 2” cdr (Rim)

Wild Man Fischer ‘Monkeys Versus Donkeys’ from “An Evening With Wild Man Fischer” 2LP (Bizarre, 1968)

Dirty Three (featuring Chan Marshall) ‘Great Waves’ from “Great Waves”cd5 (Bella Union)

Hunter’s Loaf ‘Next Door But One (I Knew These People)’ from “Solomon’s Radio” CD (Unlabel)

Jeffrey & Jack Lewis ‘The Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror’ from “City and Eastern Songs” CD (Rough Trade)

Stuffy/the Fuses live in session
1. Friend
2. Sir Wants Sex
3. Spineless
4. Evil Kneivel
info at

Quack Quack ‘Conversations’ from “Quack Quack” CD (Run of the Mill)

The Gordons ‘Coalminer’s Song’ from “The Gordons” LP, self-released 1981 (Flying Nun, 1988)

The Dead C ‘Speed Kills’ from “DR503” LP (Flying Nun, 1988)

Mugison ‘I Want You’ from “I Want You” CD-EP (Accidental)

Gravenhurst ‘The Velvet Cell Reprise’ from “Fire In Distant Buildings” (Warp)

All tracks 2005 unless stated

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