Monday, February 14, 2005

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist 09.02.2005

Johnny Cash / "Ring Of Fire" [single 1963, taken from 'Love' compilation CD] (Columbia Legacy, 2000)
as tribute to the late Merle Kilgore, author of 'Ring of Fire' with June Carter
Merle Kilgore obit at,,1408556,00.html
Errors / "The Best Nose In Paris" [2 track CDR-promo, forthcoming 7"?] (Rock Action Records,2005).
Big Joan / "Waiting For Nine" [from 'Insects And Engines' CD] (Blood Red Sounds, 2004)
Death Sentence: Panda! / "Boomer" [from forthcoming 10" 'Puppy, Kitty or Both']
(Upset The Rhythm, 2005), originally a cdr release on Special Lord
info at:,
Cracklebox / "Winter Radio" [7" Jukebox 45 series] (Earsugar, 2005)
Reigns / "The Fattest Goose Shall Be The Soonest To The Spit"
[from CD 'We Lowered A Microphone Into The Ground] (Jonson Family Records, 2005)
Naysayer / "The Shrimp Song" [from 'Kitten Time' CD] (Red Panda Records, 2005)
info at:,;
buy from:
The Cone Bearers / "When It Rains, It Rains Softly" ['Dew Drops On Grass Blades' CDR]
(Digitalis Industries/Foxglove series, 2005)
info at:
**Richard Thomas session**
1. untitled voice + sound sequence
info/biog:; contact:
The Original Beekeepers / "It’ll All Come Out In The Wash" [from 'Music For Barges' cassette album] (S.O.U.L., 2005)
Xenis Emputae Travelling Band / "Great Is The Gorse" [from 'Toadsman’s Bell' CD] (Digitalis Industries, 2004)
**Don Nino session**
1. A Thousand Lights
2. On The Bright Side
3. Eli Said
4. Seasons Seeds Seas
info at:
Nicolas Laureau: guitar/vox
Stephane Garry: guitar/keyboards
Benoit Rault: keys
Jean Michel Pires: drums
Jose Gonzales / "Deadweight On Velveteen" [from 'Veneer' CD/LP] (Peacefrog Records/Agenda 2005). Contact:,,

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