Monday, February 28, 2005

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist 23.02.2005

The Buff Medways / “Medway Wheelers”
[from forthcoming ‘Medway Wheelers’ CD] (Damaged Goods)
Necrosadistic Goat Torture / “Morbid Intentions”
[from ‘One Nation Under Goat’ CD-EP] (demo)
That Fucking Tank / “Beegee Dinner Sex (Debru-Ah, Debru-Ah)”
[from ‘A Document Of The First Set’ CD] (Jealous Records)
Growing / “Epochal Reminiscence”
[from “The Soul of The Rainbow And The Harmony Of Light” 2LP] (Animal Disguise, 2005; cd on Kranky, 2004).
Celtic Frost / “Babylon Fell”
[from ‘Into The Pandemonium’ LP/CD] (Noise International, 1988)
Abstrackt Keal Agram / “Jason Lytle”
[from forthcoming ‘Bad Thriller’ CD] (Gooom Disques)
Need New Body / “Show Me Your Heart”
[from ‘File Thirteen Compilation’] (File Thirteen, 2004)
info: /
Necrophagia / “And You Will Live In Terror”
[from ‘Black Blood Vomitorium’ CD/LP] (Red Stream USA) Info:,
Sir Vincent Lone / “Courtship In Scottish Factories”
[from CD ‘Songs For Lonely Americans’] (Return To Sender/Normal, 2004).
info:; available from

** The Priscillas **
1. Gonna Rip Up Your Photograph
2. Brain Surgeon
3. Should Be Mine
Tracks 1& 2 – forthcoming 7” single on Damaged Goods; info:;

Joe Whitney and the Tropics Of Cancer / “The International Sweet 16”

[self released, Joe Whitney, 2005] Contact:

** The Priscillas session cont.. **
4. Outer Space

Naysayer / “Yellow In Amarillo”
[from ‘Kitten Time’ CD] (Redpanda Records, 2004)
Voivod / “Voivod”
[from ‘War And Pain’ CD album] (Metal Blade Records, 1984)

tracks by Celtic Frost, Necrophagia & Voivod selected by Reg from Bastardizer 'zine,
Reg also performed a few live bass guitar pieces throughout this show

all tracks 2005 unless stated

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