Wednesday, March 28, 2007

gLASSsHRiMP: radio playlist 28th March 2007

Softwar - "Chemical Dance" from cd 'Softwar' (Digitalis, 2007)

Dan Deacon - "The Crystal Cat" from cd 'Spiderman of the Rings' (Carpark, 2007)

Black Lips - "Dirty Hands" from 7" (Vice, 2007)

Ballad of the Books feature...
Stuart Henderson (Chemikal Underground) interview

James Yorkston (& Bill Duncan) - "A Calvinist Narrowly Avoids Pleasure"

Alasdair Roberts (& Robin Robertson) - "The Leaving"

both tracks from 'Ballads of the Book' cd (Chemikal Underground, 2007)
info mini-site:

Alex Monk live session
1. Exchanging Chairs

Deerhoof - "Look Away" from 'Friend Opportunity' (ATP Recordings, 2007)

Jess Bryant live session
1. The Crossing
2. It Is All You Need
3. Belladonna
4. The Smallest Light

Mumakil - "IV" from cd 'Customized Warfare' (Overcome, 2007)

Howard Aggregate - "Blue plaque cemetary"

Mumakil - "V" from cd 'Customized Warfare' (Overcome, 2007)

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fari said...

BBofBooks is such a bad CD! Where have you been anyway? Were you at the launch last week?