Wednesday, January 24, 2007

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed 24th January 2007

broadcast live on Resonance 104.4 fm - 5 til 6.30pm (UK time) - Wednesday 24th January 2007 - fm in London, streaming from

a whole gang of guests today...

we have our old friend Thomas Truax live in session - a 'sHRiMP regular & indeed favourite over the years - those familiar will know the phrase singer-songwriter doesn't even come close - "...It's a bewildering melange of garage rock songs, avant garde sounds and cabaret showtunes, full of whistles, toy piano, ice cream chimes and invented instruments... with shades of Tom Waits' storytelling, Nick Cave's theatricality and Lux Interior's howling-at-the-moon madness." [Ged M, SoundsXP] - Thomas is playing at the Buffalo Bar tomorrow evening (25/1) - hopefully for the session he will be joined by the ever beautiful Sister Spinster.

we also have a specially recorded live session from Mira Calix. Warp Records artist Mira Calix is the work of South African-born Chantal Passamonte. now on album number three ('Eyes Set Against the Sun’, Warp, 2007), Chantal records her work (& indeed this session) near & in fact in the woods at her home in Suffolk. organic and freeform experimental electronic textures, drifting orchestral noise-folk - yes, all of that & more. utterly unique.

we will also have a flying visit from Thrill Jockey Records legend Bobby Conn - what's he like? 110% pure entertainer - 'sonically, it’s an attempt to distill a lifetime of Midwestern top forty into 40 minutes. I suppose this makes it "post-modern," but consider this, if you hired two plumbers to make a replica of the Taj Mahal out of tapioca pudding, would the result be great architecture? not likely, but it would still be delicious.' Bobby is in town for gigs tonight - listen in for more info. in a related Thrill Jockey way we also have 2 tickets to give away for the Califone gig at Dingwalls this very night - listen out for a question.
"Switching genres and stories about his life with gleeful abandon, Bobby Conn has blurred the lines between musician and myth" -- Chicago Tribune

also popping in is Rupert Orton from Not The Same Old Blues Crap / the Spitz - to talk about the upcoming (April) Spitz Festival of the Blues; if it's as good as last years then he'll have much to proudly announce! Spitz news also.

(still) in the bag today - Manicured Noise, Boris, Animal Collective, Marissa Nadler, Reigns, Inch Time, The Playing Fields, David Karsten Daniels - so that or more of that. also sounds from Mr Truax, Califone & Bobby Conn no doubt.

presented today by Chin Keeler, Shona Davidson, Kev Head & the return of Tony Fisher.

coming soon on the 'sHRiMP...
Jan 31st - William D Drake dbl live session
Feb 7th - Air Formation & Fuzzy Lights live in session
Feb 14th - Persil live session + more

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