Wednesday, September 27, 2006

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed 27th September 2006

broadcast live on Resonance 104.4 fm - 5 til 6.30pm (UK time) - Wednesday 27th September 2006 - fm in London, streaming from

back to our full-on double session behavior this week...

in live we have Brooklyn noisenik trio Blood On The Wall fresh from a UK tour - recent 2nd album 'Awsomer' (FatCat) has been a 'sHRiMP favorite for the last few months - we are all very excited!

also in live is Viking Moses - VM is Brendon Massei from Tunas, Missouri; blessed with a beautiful baritone voice and accompanied by his own acoustic guitar/banjo and numerous collaborators, Brendon has toured heavily in recent years and released records under differnet names (Spork, Supperbell Roundup et al) and amassed a large body of released and unreleased work. current uk releases through Poptones.

in Mr Head's bag this week are mostly the same records as last week as i played plenty but almost nothing i'd planned - stuff from Bardo Pond (recent cdr release), Reigns (forthcoming on Jonson Family), The Hundred Dollar Band/Alastair Galbraith (actually did play a bit of that but hey you can't hear enough AG), EmbryoNNCK (from earlier in the year but now on delicious vinyl), Yo La Tengo, Part Chimp, Jack Rose, Radio Birdman, Fad Gadget, Suns of Arka plus new to bag gear by the likes of the Evens, CSS, Bert Jansch, Pere Ubu amongst many.

coming real soon...
Oct 4th - the legendary Nightingales plus Warp records artiste Clark both live in session + interview with Morgan Tovey-Frost (daughter of the late Frank Tovey/Fad Gadget) plus Fad Gadget retro DVD/CD giveaway/competition.
Oct 11th - live session from south-coast neo-shoegazers Air Formation (hope that description is ok phil?) plus a session from A Hawk And A Hacksaw recorded a few weeks back at 'sHRiMP/oof! hq - it had people dancing in the street then so don't miss it!

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