Wednesday, December 28, 2005

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist 21st Dec 2005

The Beautiful New Born Children "Up and Down and Round and Round" from forthcoming album ‘Hey People!’ (Domino, 2006)
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Fuck-off Machete "Copper and Lead Fight" from cd-single ‘If Gold Was Silver, and Silver Was Gold’ (Highpoint Lowlife, 2005)
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Earth “tracks tbc” from cd/lp ‘Hex (Or Printing in the Infernal Method)’ (Southern Lord, 2005)

Conway Hall "Yous So Cute" from CD ‘?’
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Why? "Crushed Bones" from ‘Elephant Eyelash’ cd/lp (Anticon, 2005)
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Annelies Monseré "Voices" from v/a 3” cdr ‘Hilversum Nov 3’ (morctapes morc 41)
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Nancy Wallace "At Last I'm Free" from cd-ep (Hungry Hill, 2005)
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Leafhound session pt1
1. "Freelance Fiend"
2. “Sad Road To The Sea"

Mahogany Brain “track tbc” from 1972 LP ‘Smooth Sick Lights’ (current CD: Spalax [France])

Interview with Pete French & Luke Rayner (Leafhound)

Leafhound "Growers of Mushroom" (1971) from CD ‘Growers of Mushroom’ (Repertoire, 2005)

Leafhound session pt2
3. "Drown My Life in Fear"
4. "Too Many Rock N Roll Times"


Shimmy Rivers and And Canal “track tbc” from 3”cd s/t

show presented by Roxanne Stephen, Kev Head, Shona Davidson & Charlene Katuwawala

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