Tuesday, January 09, 2007

gLASSsHRiMP radio: Wed 3rd January 2007

broadcast live on Resonance 104.4 fm - 5 til 6.30pm (UK time) - Wednesday 3rd January 2007 - fm in London, streaming from www.resonancefm.com

No live guests for last week's show but a fantastic playlist from the good ol' bag of treats. Here's the playlist below...Happy New Year!!

Errors/ “Salut! France”. Track taken from same titled CD single. [Rock Action Records 2007]

Verlaines/ “Death and the Maiden”. (‘Juvenillia’ CD compilation). [Flying Nun Records 1993].

Gruff Rhys/ “Painting People Blue”. (‘Candy Lion’ CD album). [Rough Trade 2006].

Rod Stern/ “You’ve Been Fingered by the Hand of the Lord”. (gLASSsHRiMP session 03/05/06).

Arctic Beast/ “I Wanna Be Your Beast”. Demo

Envelopes/ “Pink Christmas”. (‘It’s Not Like Christmas’ CD compilation). [Izumi Records 2006]. Info: izumi@izumirecords.com

William D Drake/ “Seahorse”. (‘Briny Hooves’ CD album). [Shebear Records 2006]. Info: www.shebearrecords.com

The Late Greats/ “Destroy My Brain”. 7” Single. [Izumi Records 2006]. Info: izumi@izumirecords.com

Tom Brousseau/ “Track ?”. (gLASSsHRiMP session 31/05/06)

They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them/ “(Are You Searching for?) The Motherland”. [This Is Not An Exit Records 2006]. Info: www.isawthem.com

Robin Hitchcock/ “Ole Tarantula”. (glASSsHRiMP session December 2006).

Clarinette/ “Parallel Lines”. (‘Transmuting Fall’ CD album). Info: www.cpsip.co.nz

Crack Und Ultra Eczema/ “Buddy’s A Good Boy”. (‘Testicle’ CD album). [Tes Tesses 2006). Info: www.testesses.free.fr

Alexander Tucker/ “ Track ?”. (gLASSsHRiMP session November 2006)

Mira Calix/ “The Stockholm Syndrome”. (‘Eyes Set Against The Sun’ CD album). [Warp Records 2007]. Info: www.warprecords.com

Nightingales/ “Track ?”. (gLASSsHRiMP session October 2006).

Wilco Johnson/ “Track ?”. (gLASSsHRiMP session December 2006).

Clark/ “Track ?”. (Pre-recorded session for gLASSsHRiMP November 2006).

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