Tuesday, October 18, 2005

gLASSsHRIMP playlist 5th Oct 2005

Drones// Track taken from ‘Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By’ CD album. (ATP Recordings 2005). Info: www.alltomorrowsparties.co.uk

**Deerhoof in session**

Spiral Golden Town
O’ Malley
You’re Our Two
Come See The Duck

Simon Fisher Turner/ “Assembly”. Taken from ‘Lana Lara Lata’ CD/DVD album. (Mute 2005). Info: www.mute.co.uk

Staff/ “Teenagers Wearing Blazers”. Taken from ‘If It Ain’t Staff It Ain’t Worth A Fuck” CD album. (Homesleep 2005). Info: www.homesleep.it (opt for Italian site)

Vashti Bunyan/ “Hidden”. Taken from ‘Lookaftering’ CD album. (Fat Cat 2005). Info: www.fat-cat.co.uk

Steveless/ “Bored”. Taken from ‘Popular Music In Theory’ CD album. (Cherryade Music 2005). Info: www.myspace.com/cherryade

Gravenhurst/ “The Velvet Cell”. Taken from ‘Fires In Distant Buildings’ CD album. (Warp 2005). Info: www.warprecords.com

**Alexander Tucker on ATP records in session**

improv set

Alexander Tucker/ “Hand Of Reign”. Taken from ‘Old Fog’ CD album. (ATP Recordings 2005). Info: www.alltomorrowsparties.co.uk

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