Tuesday, October 04, 2005

gLASSsHRIMP playlist 28th September

Hello all,

As always (a bit late) please find last week's playlist below.

This week (05/10/05) features a session by the lovely Alexander Tucker and we welcome back the mighty Deerhoof for a session too. We're all looking forward to this so don't miss out and tune in to the show!


gLASSsHRIMP playlist 28/09/05

Steve Reid Ensemble/ “Lugano”. Taken from ‘Spirit Walk’ CD album. (Soul Jazz 2005). Info: www.souljazzrecords.co.uk

Ralfe Band/ “Frascato Way Southbound”. Taken from ‘Swords’ CD album. (Skint 2005). Info: www.skint.net

Sukoshi demo tracks

Envelopes/ “Sister In Love”. Taken from CD single. (Brille 2005). Info: www.envelopes.se

Snowblood/ “Call Of The Search”. Taken from ‘Being And Becoming’ CD album. (Lawgiver Records/ Superfi Records 2005). Info: www.superfirecords.co.uk, www.lawgiverrecords.co.uk

Smog/ “Teenage Spaceship”. Taken from ‘Knock Knock’ CD album. (Drag City 1999). Info: www.dragcity.com

Deerhoof/ “Scream Team”. Taken from ‘The Runners Four’ CD album. (ATP Recordings 2005). Info: www.alltomorrowsparties.co.uk

Alexander Tucker/ “The Patron Saint Of Troubled Men”. Taken from ‘Old Fog’ CD album. (ATP Recordings 2005). Info: alltomorrowsparties.co.uk

OOIOO/ “Fossil”. Taken from. (Thrill Jockey 2005). Info www.thrilljockey.com

The Seeds/ “Mr. Farmer”. Taken from ‘A Web Of Sound’ CD album. Previously released in 1966 on GNP. (Crescendo Records 2005).

Skysaxon/ “Hammer”. Taken from ‘Transparency’ CD album. (Jungle/ People Records 2005). Info: www.skysunlightsaxon.com

Sculpture/ “Plunk Rock”. Taken from Sculpture demo

**Session from Father Of Boon**
Father Of Boon Will Die
Surface Of A Thing
Bavarian Wolfmaster
Absolutely Everything Is Excellent

Annelies Monsere/ “Cold Night”. Taken from a CD compilation by Blusanct Records 2005. Info: www.blusanct.com