Tuesday, September 27, 2005

gLASSsHRIMP playlist 21st Sept

Hi ya'll,

Check out last week's playlist below. Another tightly packed show with special guests!
See you next week

gLASSsHRIMP 21/09/05

Big Black 454/ “Hull Is Full Of Grubby Slappers”. Taken from ‘Their Coats Flapped Like God’s Chops’ CD compilation. (Big Block 454 2005). Info:

** Chat with the Leafhound front man himself! Prior to his Borderline gig**

Leafhound/ “Sad Road To The Sea”

Leafhound/ “Too Many Rock N Roll Times

Sky Saxon/ “Alakazam”. Taken from ‘Transparency’ CD album. (Jungle Records/ People Records 2005). Info:

Jack Rose/ “Sunflower River Blues”. Taken from ‘Kensington Blues’ CD album. (Beautiful Happiness 2005). Info:

Dr. Ragtime/ “Buck Dancers Joyce”. 7” single. (The Sacred Harp Library 2005). Info: www.secondlayer.co.uk

Deerhoof/ “Spirit Ditties Of No Tone”. Taken from ‘The Runners Four’ CD album. (ATP Records 2005). Info:

Tom Verlaine/ “Ore”. Taken from ‘Warm And Cool’ CD album, reissue from 1992. (Thrill Jockey 2005). Info:

**Rupert Orton from ‘Not The Same Old Blues Crap’ introduces Dooley Wilson to the studio with a brief chat after his session, tracks listed below.**

1. Bundle Up And Go
2. Can’t Be Satisfied
3. When I Was Young
4. Baby Please Don’t Go

For more information on No The Same Old Blues Crap shows and Dooley Wilson visit:

Breathing Cage/ “Raise The Glass”. Taken from ‘South: A New Zealand Music Compilation’ CD comp. (Failsafe Records 2005). Info:

Gin Palace/ “Matter Of Life And Death”. Taken from demo promo 2005. Please visit
www.ginpalace.net for more info.

Pit Er Pat/ “Diamond Messages”. Taken from ‘3D Message’ CD single. (Thrill Jockey 2005). Info: